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Understanding Chat Bots

Are you struggling with finding quality leads or do you have poor habits when it comes to prospecting? It’s common for this to happen especially with all the new methods of prospecting transitioning to the online market. It’s fair to say that it’s pretty difficult to stay on top of which online prospecting methods are working and it’s not ideal to invest your time into things you don’t know. We’ve done the work with you and would like to share with you a new method that we’ve implemented for our clients, which is the chat bot.

What is a Chat Bot?

A chat bot is a computer program or artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation with people usually through the form of text. The chat bots are programmed to simulate how a regular human would communicate with each other. That means you can basically have a computer program do most of the prospecting for you. This will save you countless of hours of trying to find online leads because that’s the job of the chat bot. The chat bot will start messaging people that may be interested in your service through the algorithm that Facebook has created for you.

The common form of commutation is usually through a survey because you can ask the right questions and allow people to choose which answer best fits them. Chat bots have grown in many platforms and can used on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It can even be installed onto your personal website.


Although a chat bot may seem easy to use, there are a lot of automations that need to be implemented before it can be used, such as the type of conversations you’re implementing into the chat bot. Usually, the chat bot are used generate leads whether it’s cold or hot leads. The way you figure out which leads are hot is by seeing how far into the conversation the leads got into with the chat bot. From here, it is your job to follow up with them regardless if they’re a cold lead or a super hot lead because at some point they were interested in what the chat bot had to say. It quite uncommon for leads to be ready as today, but if you continue to nurture a lead for a few months you’ll eventually be able to convert them as a client.


Understanding Chat Bots
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