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Using Technology and Automation For Follow Up

Whether you’re in the lending business or real estate business, it’s important to understand how crucial it is to follow up with potential clients. A good question to ask yourself is, how long do you prospect your leads for? If it’s less than a month, this article will be a great read for you because it will provide follow up automation strategies with the use of today’s technology.


There are a few options of automation when it comes to having follow up sequences. One of many options is to have an email follow up sequence that targets your audiences. Use programs such as Lion Desk or Mail Chimp, which does all the tedious work for you. These systems can track the open rates of all the emails sent out which let’s you know who’s interested in your services. The role of the automaton is to send emails to your targeted audience usually for approximately 6 months. We know that emailing each contact individually can be time consuming and it’s easy to lose track of who received what email. By incorporating these types of system flow into your business, it allows you to be Top of Mind and saves you countless hours with a click of a button.

Social Media

As technology advances rapidly in today’s time, it can be unbelievably hard to keep up with new methods of marketing. You’re so used to seeing ads on the television, newspapers, magazines and billboards that sometimes you don’t notice the amount of advertising that is done on your social media feeds. It’s not cheap sending ads to an audience that is not interested in what you have to offer.

One way around that is to create a community page on your social media platform where you post daily content. The reason for this is because when you build a strong audience, your social media services will recognize that you’re producing quality and relevant content, which makes it easier for you to advertise. But no one has the time to post content everyday, which is why I recommend using an automated system called MeetEdgar. This website automatically posts content daily for you depending on the schedule you choose, saving you a lot of time.

Social media does not collect information for you; therefore; creating a landing page that offers a list of available homes in exchange for their email is important. This is another form of automation because once the information is collected, it automatically goes into the email campaign you created before. This provides you with the opportunity to spend more time on actually making the calls instead of wasting most of your time prospecting people individually. Following is key in the lending and real estate profession because you will always be on top of mind of your potential clients list.

Using Technology And Automation For Follow Up
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