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Utilizing Your Time Efficiently For Successful Days

It might not cross your mind, but the quick text message reply or email browsing plays a major roll on how effective your day will be. Of course one text message won’t hurt the progress of your workflow, but it’s everything on the device that usually takes a toll on your time. One text message may lead you to a quick look on your news feed on Facebook or even a quick second on Instagram to see what new photos have been posted. Eventually an effective workday has been decreased due to the disruption of that one text message. There are many ways for a better workweek and they will be displayed below.

Self Audit

It starts off with a self-audit because in order to grow and understand what your pros and cons are, you have to re-evaluate your position with life and work. The unique lifestyle that today’s generation live has played a major role in how we effectively use our time. Regardless what you do for work, you are most likely a victim who is constantly being distracted by incoming emails, text messages or even social media updates. We as humans now work in response to the things that are thrown to us instead of utilizing our time more productive on the important things that matter most to us.

Journalizing Your Time

As you begin a self-audit about all the distractions that occur in a workday, it’s crucial you notate and journal down your activities throughout the day. This will give you an opportunity to see what are you’re doing and how affective it is to you.  In order for people to grow, they must be able to step outside their routine and observe their day-to-day activities. This will open up doors for you to see how you’re actually spending your time and a time for you to be honest to yourself to see if most of your valuable energy is consumed by negatives habits. There is no possible way for you to change time because the amount of time in a day stays the same but you are able to manage the activities you choose to do in that time.

Creative Thinking

As a rule of thumb, it’s always important to tackle the creative work first at the beginning of the day. This will absolutely increase your productivity and the quality of the work you put in. It’s crucial that you during your creative work time, that the phone and email are turned off to get the best out of it. Yeah, that sounds impossible to do so, but even do short increments of an hour a day will definitely make an impact of how efficient you can use your time.

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