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What It Takes To Market To People That Already Know You

When you’re prospecting for new clients, it’s usually more difficult and more expensive to convert them especially if they’re a cold lead.  It’s important that you take baby steps before you start pouring money into marketing ads. Most of the people you’re targeting are not going to know who you are, which is why it is important to have a solid foundation and content that makes you well known on the Internet.

Targeting Your Contacts Audience

Making money on a daily basis is not always guaranteed when working in the real estate industry. You can’t always depend on referrals to be the result of your income. It’s crucial to understand that the Internet is an additional resource for you to make money because a majority of leads and transactions occur on the web.

Although the Internet is a great source to getting leads, it’s important that you market to the right people or else you’ll be dumping money away. One key way to reduce the price of how much you’re spending on ads is by simply running ads to your sphere and contacts. It is a lot cheaper running ads to a list of contacts that you are familiar with. These contacts are more likely to convert with you due to any previous relationships you have built with them in the past. When you send ads to a cold traffic, it causes Facebook to work harder to find people who they think would best fit your ads. It’s also more difficult to convert a cold audience because they have no idea who you are, which is why your presence online is crucial.

Text Campaigns

Another effective way to market to your contacts is through text messages. In today’s generation, people are constantly using their phones to communicate. Text messaging your contacts allows for a more direct and personal conversation. By texting them personally, you’ll have a better opportunity to connect with them because they’re willing to give you their time.

Email Campaigns

Emailing your contacts is also an effective way to market to your contacts if text messaging them is too personal for you. Emailing is another perfect way to reach out and connect with your sphere. There are many email services out there that will allow you to blast an email out to thousands of people with a click of a button. This option is a much cheaper method than doing mailers. One important thing to remember is that when you email your contacts, you always want to continue to educate and bring them content that is valuable to them. By sending these emails out, you want your sphere to repay you back by using your services.

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