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Your Goals In The 2nd Half Of The Year

Tweaking & Taking Action On Your Goals In The 2nd Half Of The Year

It’s that time of year where you sit down and re-evaluate the progression of the goals you set up at the beginning of the year. Whether you under achieve or over achieve your goals, there’s always room for improvement. You must keep yourself accountable and possibly set different goals if you are currently not on track. It’s okay to have setbacks but the main objective is staying consistent with everything you do to achieve your goals.

Re-evaluate and Re-prioritize

Did you lose focus and give up on your goals? You need to think about why you lost the momentum and truly understand what you want to accomplish next. Depending on how high you set your goals at the beginning of the year, you may need to lower your goals to make it a more achievable one.

By re-evaluating what went well during the first six months of the year, you will have a better mindset and understanding of how to approach your goals for the second half of the year. But the most important thing you must tackle is deciding whether or not you’re dedicated to the new goal. The only way to determine if the new goal is an achievable goal is by thinking about whether you have time for it or not. You don’t want to overload yourself with more work than you can handle. Not only do you need to dedicate your time in pursuing your goals but it should also be in line with your values.

Set Deadlines as a Motivation Boost

With the year coming to an end soon, there are so many things that you still want to accomplish in so little time. Use this deadline crunch time to be a motivational booster for you to accomplish things that you need to get done. Treat it as a ticking time bomb — if you achieve your goal you survive but if you don’t achieve your goal then you failed.

To give yourself a better understanding on how to find this feeling, try thinking about the end result you want to reach by the last month of the year. The feeling you face of what’s possible and exciting versus what’s overwhelming will give you a valuable insight on how you can accomplish your goal. It will give you a drive and fuel your motivation to finish on top.


Your Goals In The 2nd Half Of The Year
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